A recent non-commercial project initiated by the state-owned Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE, "the Finnish BBC ") to promote the world´s only broadcasting news in Latin language, Nuntii Latini, has resulted in a unique cultural innovation.

Ms. Reine Rimón and her band have recorded two CD recordings including traditional New Orleans jazz melodies with the lyrics sung in ancient Latin language - based on the poems of the two great Roman poets, Horace and Catullus, who lived about 2000 years ago.

On these recordings, the world´s oldest popular jazz melodies are combined with the Western world´s most popular ancient poems - adopted for the melodies by professor Tuomo Pekkanen of Finland -
in original Latin language.

Among others, the BBC and CNN have recorded and broadcasted worldwide a live concert of Ms. Rimón and her band performing in Latin language.

For more information please contact Alpo Collanus.


Reine Rimón Elusque Papae Fervidisimi 1992

Reine Rimón Elusque Papae Fervidisimi, 1992. Photo by TImo Raunio.


Reine Rimón Elusque Papae Fervidisimi at Festival Nordico, Rome, Italy, 1994. Photo by Sonja Iiramo.