Reine Rimón & The New Orleans Heritage Trio is a small, intimate, acoustic jazz band, consisting of the musicians of the Hot Papas and the Creole Kings: vocalist (Ms. Reine Rimón), pianist (Mr. Robert de Godzinsky) and drummer (Mr. Alpo Collanus).

The trio plays traditional New Orleans jazz music, including ragtime, gospel, and party music. This band is a good choice for intimate private occasions like relaxed home parties and corporate events with the number of guests up to 100 persons.

The nature of the trio is to provide live background music to an event with a small number of participants; the trio can be expanded to a quartet. quintet or sextet, up to the nature of the occasion. Mr. Gregg Stafford, Mr. Wendell Brunious, or any other Special Guest can be considered on the patron´s request.

For more information please contact Alpo Collanus.


Reine Rimón at Ostrobotnia Club, Helsinki, Finland,
1982. Photo by Timo Raunio.